Down Comforters

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Down Bedding

Over time down bedding has become a staple of every bedroom. If you are searching for a down comforter, blanket, pillow or featherbed, we can help you find the perfect product for your desired level of warmth and weight. A soft down comforter is not just for sub-arctic climates. Down bedding products are available in a variety of weights so that everyone can select the perfect weight and warmth for the ultimate night's sleep. It is one of the most comfortable and sought after fills for a blanket or comforter due to its lightweight and puffy appeal. As you shop for a comforter, featherbed, blanket, or pillow make sure and mouse over any text you are unfamiliar with. We have tried to provide clear descriptions of all technical terms that will show up in the bottom left-hand corner of your computer screen as you move the cursor over these words.

Some people sleep with heavy blankets even on warm nights. Others prefer very few layers even on cold evenings. Figuring out the temperature that makes you most comfortable is the first step in selecting a down bedding product. Don't choose a high fill power if you live in the tropics and make sure to look into higher fill powers if you sleep in a cool room and enjoy increased warmth.

Finding the perfect size down bedding product for your bed requires a little thought as well. If you are purchasing a down blanket you should measure your bed and try to select a blanket that closely matches the dimensions. If you are purchasing a down comforter for a queen bed, consider whether you will prefer the overhang that a king sizing will provide or the more exact fit of a queen. If you have a California King bed, a king comforter may not be long enough. Keep in mind that you'll want some of the comforter or blanket to drop down the sides of the bed, so don't buy one that is too small.

Fill power is an expression commonly employed to describe the quality of down. The larger the fill power the larger the clusters of down are. This translates to increased warmth and softness. A Fill Power of 575 or greater is considered to be exceptional quality.

Sewn through box stitching provides square pockets that keep the down fill from shifting in the casing. A baffle is a vertical wall of fabric sewn between the top and bottom layers of the comforter. These pockets allow the down to reach its maximum loft and keep the down from shifting. This helps to prevent cold spots by providing an even, consistent warmth.

Thread count is a term used to describe the quality of the fabric of the casing. We only sell down bedding products from manufacturers who use quality thread count fabrics to ensure that your comforter does not rip and loose down clusters.

We highly recommend purchasing a duvet cover to house your down comforter. A duvet can add some weight to the comforter, but more than makes up for the added weight as they are extremely easy to clean and protect the down comforter futher from being pierced or pulled. We offer decorative duvet covers by Thomasville, Veratex, Dakotah, Maison du Linge, as well as a large selection of silk duvet covers.