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New Pattern Alert! Holiday Cheer By Victor Mill

Posted by Stephanie on

Here's a new one for us! For our manufacturers, they don't usually come out with special holiday patterns. Why? Well, I'm not really sure. Maybe they think people don't want special bedding for the holiday season? Originally I'd think I'd agree, but then I saw this new pattern from Victor Mill. 

Meet Holiday Cheer:

It is freaking adorable! Now I feel like I must have some holiday bedding! Doesn't this comforter set look just like the bed is draped in wrapping paper? (Although, sometimes doesn't a really good night sleep seem like a present?) 

The blue ornament print is matched with snowflake accessories. The pillows and shams are basic which is a good match to the busy print. 

Here's hoping this is a new trend in cute holiday bedding! 

Check out Holiday Cheer here

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